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Is Coronavirus Covered By Your Insurance?

We have been having these discussions more and more with our clients as so many businesses have been affected by shut downs and are navigating opening back up their businesses.  Unfortunately, there is not a super clear answer, and there are a number of exclusions in insurance policies that could apply.  It all really depends on the facts of your individual claim. 

We have been instructed by our companies we represent, that although there are many exclusions that could apply, we need to turn these claims in and have the companies decide whether there is coverage based on the facts presented.  

We have put some instructional guides together, as well as some business signage and letters that could be used, and those can be found below. 

For updated information on how our office is handling COVID 19, click here.  For updated information on premium givebacks and how our carriers are handling, click here.  


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.  We are always here to help! 

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